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Welcome to Innoplore Innovation Audit (IIA)

The Purpose of IIA Self-Assessment Survey and Innovation Audit

The IIA self-assessment survey and the following innovation audit process significantly help the organizations:

  • to comprehensively assess and effectively build their innovation capabilities and readiness,
  • to effectively respond to the changing external conditions and internal requirements, and
  • to successfully initiate and accomplish innovation projects, processes, and activities.

IIA is one of the most comprehensive and interactive online self-assessment surveys available to date that systematically and flexibly engages the responding organizations to help them achieve their defined innovation goals and objectives. The IIA survey guides the responding organizations how to lead in their respective markets through gradually adopting the globally recognized and documented best practices’ of the successful innovative organizations in developing and maintaining their “Innovation Management Systems” (IMS), as per the ISO requirements.

Aligned with ISO 56002 Innovation Guidelines

The IIA survey is aligned with the published innovation guidelines of ISO 56002, and it effectively prepares the organizations to meet the requirements of the upcoming ISO innovation standards.

The IIA self-assessment survey results make us capable to spot the current capability gaps in an organization, and accordingly suggest some key recommendations to help it further build and strengthen its innovation capabilities and readiness to effectively cope with the changing conditions, both internal and external to the organization.

Who Can Use the IIA Self-Assessment Survey and Innovation Audit?

The IIA is a generic innovation audit framework that covers all aspects of innovation, and thus it applies to more or less all types and sizes of organizations across the different sectors or industries; however, it specifically suits well to assess and build the innovation capabilities of relatively established organizations (both the SMEs and large-sized organizations).

The IIA self-assessment survey is supported with an immediate auto-generated feedback report that includes the graphical illustrations of the innovation scores and ranks acquired by the responding organization. The feedback report is also attached with a comprehensive IIA innovation guidebook in about 250 pages, which explains a list of recommended activities and practical actions about how to effectively learn and adopt each of these individual best practices, assessed in the survey. The IIA innovation guidebook provides three essentially important elements:

  1. It briefly ‘Introduces’ and informs about each of the relevant concepts discussed in the listed best practices, for the readers’ convenience to first understand ‘What’ it is about
  2. It ‘Inspires’ the readers to learn ‘Why it is important in context of the relevant organization
  3. It provides a list of recommended ‘Actions’ and activities that answers ‘How’ to implement the best practices.

The innovation guidebook is therefore relevant and useful for all types of organizations regardless of their size, age, or sector. Furthermore, the IIA survey provides an option for the responding organizations to ‘skip’ the responses to all those statements (best practices) which do not relate to or apply on their organizational context, without affecting their innovation scores. The Innoplore practitioners would use those ‘blind spots’ (skipped statements) as a potential ‘clue’ to prepare a tailored strategy how to effectively design and deliver a bespoke training and consulting solution for the responding organizations to effectively address the identified gaps in their innovation capabilities and innovation management system.

The Composition of IIA Survey and the Expectedly Required Time to Respond it

The IIA self-assessment survey is composed of 200 innovation ‘best practices’, which are organized within 25 innovation ‘attributes’ and under 5 ‘pillars’, as defined by the IIA conceptual framework. Answering to the whole survey shall not take more than 3 to 4 hours of your focused time.

The Conceptual Framework of the IIA Self-Assessment Survey and Innovation Audit

The conceptual framework adopted for the Innoplore Innovation Audit (IIA) systematically organizes the identified best practices within the key attributes, which are then categorized under the core pillars. All of the assessed innovation best practices, attributes, and pillars essentially trigger and reinforce each other, and they build up on top of each other; therefore, the organizations need to adopt a systemic, integrated, and holistic view of innovation, when measuring and developing their innovation capabilities and innovation management system.

The continuous innovation assessment lies at the heart of this conceptual framework, as it systematically examines the effectiveness of the other pillars of the IIA framework. Below a quick overview of the 25 attributes within the five core pillars are listed. Each individual attribute covers several best practices.

Pillar A – Innovation Prerequisites (59 Best Practices)

Attribute A-1 – Innovation Vision, Policy, Objectives, and Strategy

Attribute A-2 – Innovation Culture and Climate

Attribute A-3 – Organizational Structure and Governance Model

Attribute A-4 – The Leadership Style and Commitment

Attribute A-5 – Innovation Conducive Management Practices

Attribute A-6 – Timely Provision of the Required Resources and Infrastructure

Pillar B – Innovation Mindset (31 Best Practices)

Attribute B-1 – Embracing the Change as a Stimulus for Innovation

Attribute B-2 – Promoting the Diversity, Teamwork, and Collaboration

Attribute B-3 Stimulating the Creativity and ‘Growth Mindset’

Attribute B-4 – Learning and Adopting the Innovative Methods and Approaches

Pillar C – Innovation Alignment (45 Best Practices)

Attribute C-1 – Outlining the Areas of Core Competence and Differentiation

Attribute C-2 – Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management

Attribute C-3 – Developing and Acquiring the Innovation Competences

Attribute C-4 – Innovation Portfolio Management and Risk Assessment

Attribute C-5 – The Innovation Context, Ecosystem, and Stakeholder Management

Attribute C-6 – Strategic Partnerships with Suppliers, Distributors, and Channel Partners

Pillar D – Innovation Processes (52 Best Practices)

Attribute D-1 – The Problem Identification and Value Proposition

Attribute D-2 – The Effective Search and Selection of Innovative Ideas

Attribute D-3 – The Effective Execution of the Selected Ideas

Attribute D-4 – Product, Service, and Process Innovation

Attribute D-5 – Management of R&D and IPR

Attribute D-6 – Business Model Innovation and Commercialization

Attribute D-7 – Diffusion and Adoption of Innovation

Pillar E – Innovation Assessment (13 Best Practices)

Attribute E-1 – The ‘Value Assessment’ to Measure the Improvements, Impacts, and Learning

Attribute E-2 – The ‘Innovation Audit to Measure the Innovation Capabilities and Readiness

A Fully Interactive and Flexible Online Survey

The whole survey could be responded either by a single person who should be officially representing the organization, or alternatively, the various parts of the survey could be assigned to multiple people or relevant departments of that organization, as per their knowledge in the respective areas.

Multiple people can respond to a single survey by using the same user account details provided by Innoplore, which is assigned to an organization during the subscription of an IIA package or the Innoplore premium package. The multiple respondents may use their own gadgets to respond to certain parts of the survey at different timings from various locations as per their convenience. The official representative of the organization will review the final answers before submitting it to Innoplore. The individuals may return to their previous responses to edit them; however, the responses cannot be changed once the final response is submitted by an official representative of the organization who has subscribed the package from Innoplore.

Timely Results with Graphical Analysis and an Insightful Feedback Report

The survey submission is followed by the reception of immediate results in statistical and graphical forms that explain the organizational standing (in terms of its achieved innovation scores and ranks) at each individual attribute and pillar level, as well as for the overall innovation score and rank of the organization. The organizations are ranked as ‘beginner’, ‘learner’, ‘achiever’, or ‘leader’ as per their acquired innovation scores between the scale of [0.0 1.0].

The Acquired range of “Innovation Score” The relevant “Innovation Rank”
0.81 1.00 Leaders
0.61 – 0.80 Achievers
0.31 – 0.60 Learners
0.00 – 0.30 Beginners

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  • Free access to the interactive online IIA self-assessment survey for the innovation health check of your organization - Pillar A only
  • An autogenerated feedback report with immediate results and graphic analysis for the acquired innovation scores and ranks
  • A detailed innovation guidebook with the recommended activities - Pillar A only
  • Full data privacy

IIA Standard

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  • A one-time fee for an online selfassessment of the innovation capabilities and readiness of an organization through a fully interactive survey composed of 200 globally recognized innovation ‘best practices’, organized within a unique IIA conceptual framework
  • A comprehensive innovation health check of your organization
  • Fully interactive and flexible as multiple users can respond to the survey at different timings and locations using their own gadgets
  • An autogenerated feedback report with immediate results and graphic analysis for the acquired innovation scores and ranks
  • An innovation guidebook in about 250 pages with recommended list of activities for each best practice
  • 3 months IIP Standard license - Free trial of innovation platform with technical support
  • Price of IIA standard reassessment for the same organization (within 18 months of first assessment) = £200
  • Full data privacy

IIA Customized

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  • Discuss your specific requirements with us so we could design a customized and scalable solution for your organization that would suit your unique contextual requirements for an effective innovation selfassessment and for a detailed follow up qualitative audit by us to produce the desired impacts and improvements for your organization.
  • Full data privacy
IIA Customized Requirements:

- A request from the client organization for designing an additional pillar or attributes for a sector-specific assessment or an integration with other frameworks shall be quoted separately based on the number of hours consumed by an industry expert in preparing the sector-specific pillar & attributes for the self-assessment survey report followed by a qualitative audit report

- A request by client organization for aggregating (average) the responses of multiple respondents to the same assessment survey or for creating multiple copies of the assessment surveys for different departments within an organization shall be quoted separately.

- If your specific needs and requirements do not match with our provided standard solution, then please Contact Us (call, email, or send us a message), so we could discuss how to design a customized solution for you that better suits your individual requirements.

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